Feather Feud


Feather Feud is a set of party games for casual gamers who are looking to stir up friendly competition. Feather Feud utilizes simple flick and tap mechanics to create an addictive gameplay experience. It has four unique min-games and two game modes: single play and tournament.
Genre: Party Game
Length: 15 weeks
Team Size: 7





Clusterduck was a school project made for one of my game development courses, made over a period of 5 weeks. It is a action adventure game where you play as a mother duck who is trying to save her hometown and find her ducklings.
Genre: Action Adventure
Length: 5 weeks
Team Size: 6




among the rocks

In the game, players assume control of a small boat that sails on sands instead of water as they must explore various landmarks in search of an oasis. Dust began as a school project of a 6 person team on a 5 week development cycle in the Spring of 2011. A few of the developers continued to work on it after the deadline and through the summer. As some of the original members became to busy to continue working on Dust, a few more members, including myself, were brought on in late August to help finish the game and submit it into the 2012 Student Independent Games Festival competition at the end of October.
Genre: Adventure
Length: About 3 months
Team Size: 10, ranged from 1 – 8 at a given time



Grumpy Snowmen


Grumpy Snowmen was a game developed in the GEL lab for the Communication of Arts and Sciences department for the winter holiday. The game is similar to angry birds; Sparty, the MSU mascot, launches various sport projectiles at snowmen. The game has been released on iOS, Windows, Mac OSX, and browser.
Genre: Puzzle
Length: 3 months
Team Size: 6